The Risks of Fentanyl Poisoning To Teens

The Critical Risks of Fentanyl Poisoning

It’s Killing Kids

Drug prevention programs aren’t what they used to be. The main focus a generation ago was: “Say NO to drugs!”

Nowadays, the threats are much more insidious, drugs are more readily available to children, and the risk of overdose is drastically higher.

There’s a growing crisis across the country, and most parents are still unaware of the dangers to their kids.

Fentanyl poisoning is killing kids — not just from ‘over there’ but in every neighborhood and school.

There are too many stories in the news featuring young people killed by fentanyl poisoning. It’s not just happening to kids who you think are ‘bad’ or ‘troubled’. It’s happening in middle schools across America.

Alexander, 14 years old, bought a single prescription pill on Snapchat to experiment alone in his room. The (fake) pill contained a lethal dose of fentanyl – enough fentanyl to kill 4 people.

Kids And Young Adults (Ages 13-23) Killed By Fentanyl Poisoning With Pills Bought On Snapchat It’s twenty times cheaper to produce than other illicit substances, it has a stronger hook to addiction, and drug dealers are lacing every drug you can imagine with the poison. Only two salt-sized grains of fentanyl can kill someone — it’s fifty times stronger than heroin.

The DEA has reported that more than 1 in 4 pills are laced with the poison. And according to, synthetic opioids (primarily fentanyl) contributed to 62% of the 2020 overdose deaths.


Source of information NCA/PDA